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Gse online

A digital learning platform from Gibbs Smith Education

GSEonline is a mobile platform for unlocking the powerful features of the cloud for your state's resources. Accessible on iPad, Mac Desktop, Windows, Android tablets, Chromebooks, and the web, GSEonline brings the power of the e-reader to your classroom!
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GSEonline platform features

All-in-one platform offering seamless access to Gibbs Smith Education eBooks and advanced study features. Elevate your learning with offline reading, multimedia content, and cross-platform syncing.

Sync & Personalize Study: Annotate, Highlight, Bookmark

Enable students to make notes, highlight important parts, and bookmark sections in their study materials. Then, synchronize this data across their devices for easy access.

Fast & Efficient Learning: GSEonline's Advanced Navigation System

Navigate swiftly and efficiently with GSEonline's advanced features. Jump directly to specific units, lessons, pages, find keywords, access your bookmarks, notes, and highlights effortlessly. This streamlined navigation system is designed to enhance your learning experience.

Enhance Accessibility with Our Browser-Based Text-to-Speech

Harness the power of text-to-speech technology through your web browser and across all associated applications. This innovative feature transforms text into audible speech, enhancing your user experience by providing an additional, more accessible way to engage with content.

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Digital classroom

Educators can form specific student groups for tailored tasks and tests. They also have the ability to assign, grade, and give feedback for each question in homework and evaluations, providing a clear view of each student's progress.


Let's get started with a few frequently asked questions

What is GSEonline?

GSEonline is our eReader platform which houses digital textbooks and supplementals which can be opened in the Reader. This platform is where students and teachers can access digital content. GSEonline hosts award-winning educational programs from Gibbs Smith Education. Accessible on the web and mobile devices, GSEonline brings the power of the eBook format and digital interactivity to teachers and students.

➜ Student Textbook: The eBook version of the student textbook brings the interactive content and tools of your program to life for students.

➜ Digital Textbook Features: Annotate, highlight, and bookmark content and sync that data across devices, Download ebooks for offline reading using the GSE app, Easily jump to specific chapters, lessons, pages, keywords, bookmarks, notes, and highlights using GSEonline’s advanced navigation features, and listen to text-to-speech audio with sentence-level and word-level highlighting

➜ Teacher Materials: These resources contain additional content for teachers including guided lessons and activities for students. These materials can be accessed in teacher-only eBooks, such as Teacher Guides and Teacher Tools.

➜ Teacher Content: PDFs for assessments, activities, and lesson guides, PPTs of lessons overviews for students, and lists of third-party links to enhance lessons are available to teachers.

What features do digital textbooks include?

Digital textbooks feature advanced navigation features which allow you to easily jump to specific chapters, lessons, pages, keywords, bookmarks, notes, and highlights. In addition, interactive features such as text-to-speech audio with sentence-level and word-level highlighting, annotations, highlights, and notes allow you to engage with your text. Teachers can also take advantage of tools such as downloadable PDFs and PPTs which can be used as additional teaching materials and the Dynamic Question Bank (DQB) which allows you to create assessments.

➜ Learn More: Reader

Who can access GSEonline?

Anyone who has purchased content, has access to a computer, tablet, or mobile device, and has an internet connection can access GSEonline.

➜ Request Purchase Information: Gibbs Smith Education

Can I download a textbook to my device?

Yes. When using the Gibbs Smith Education App, textbooks can be downloaded onto the device and will be available for offline reading.

➜ Guide: Downloading Books in the GSE App

Do I need an access code to log into GSEonline?

The way you sign in depends on how your district or school administrator has setup access.

Email/Username & Password: If your district/school has chosen to use emails/usernames and passwords to login, you will not need an access code.

➜ Tutorial: Signing In to GSEonline

SSO (Single Sign-On): If your district/school has chosen an SSO method, you will use that to sign in and you will not need an access code.

➜ Tutorial: Signing In with ClassLink
➜ Tutorial: Signing In with Google Classroom
➜ Tutorial: Signing In with SAML

Access Code: If you district/school has chosen to use class codes/access codes to create user accounts, you will need to enter an access code on the sign in page.

➜ Tutorial: Signing In with an Access Code

What SSO methods are available for GSEonline?

SAML, Google Classroom, and ClassLink are the current compatible single sign-on methods for GSEonline.

➜ Learn More: SSO Methods

Where can I find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

You can access our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by navigating to the footer section of our website. Alternatively, these documents can also be accessed directly via these provided links.

➜ Terms of Use: Here

➜ Privacy Policy: Here

Knowledge base

Still have questions? Vist our GSEonline knowledge base for more answers

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