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To always produce products that accurately and effectively tell the stories of our collective past in ways that engage, inspire, and motivate students and their teachers.


Provide authentic learning experiences in which students not only focus on events, but on building and refining the necessary skills they need to effectively understand the past and its consequences in our modern world.


Provide teachers with the classroom tools they need to guide students toward accurate historical understanding and how the past affects our world today.

We know that humanity’s understanding of the past is constantly being updated through ongoing research and we have an ethical responsibility as a company that produces materials for the K-12 education space to craft our products in the most accurate and effective way possible for the modern classroom.

We do this by building learning systems that give schools and teachers options about how to access content, skills, learning materials, and ongoing training in the way that best suits them. Gibbs Smith Education produces basal textbooks across many grade levels and courses, thematic and interactive consumables, engaging literacy products, and professional development books and training to help teachers reach every student successfully.

Just as important as the historical accuracy and modern curriculum that we bring, our products and services ensure that educators have accurate, effective, and modern tools to help students continually learn and refine the skills they need to understand, contextualize, and internalize the lessons of the past.

"We value our partnerships with each school district and government agency because we know we are investing in our students and our futures."

Jared L. Taylor | Publisher

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