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Professional Development

Pathways to Excellence professional development program is designed to empower educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to build and sustain strong school cultures and communities that foster academic achievement, character development, and community stewardship. By helping educators to create inclusive and supportive learning environments, we aim to enhance student learning and development, preparing students to become active contributors and responsible stewards of their communities and the world.

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Current Thought Leadership Publications & Workshops

We prioritize cultivating teacher capacity through tailored professional development, coaching, and mentoring to effectively engage students, facilitate deeper learning, and foster critical thinking and creativity. We value building strong partnerships with schools, districts, and educational organizations to create a network of support and shared expertise. GSE is dedicated to making a positive and lasting impact in education.

"Were all instructors to realize that the quality of mental process, not the production of correct answers, is the measure of educative growth something hardly less than a revolution in teaching would be worked.”

John Dewey
John Dewey | Democracy and Education

Social Studies Matters: Teaching and Learning with Authenticity

This book promotes a transformative approach to K-12 history education, emphasizing interactive source engagement and cultivating skills for applying past lessons to today's challenges.

Hot Button: Teaching Sensitive Social Studies Content

Hot Button: Teaching Sensitive Social Studies Content offers educators tools and plans to teach controversial topics, with insights from award-winning teachers.

Ensuring a Better Future: Why Social Studies Matters

This book highlights the vital role of social studies in public education, addressing its historical neglect, funding disparities, its role in truth discernment, and advocating for its significance in creating informed citizens.

CulturED: Pathways for Meaningful School Change

Six educators emphasize the vital role of school culture in optimizing teaching and learning, addressing key topics like buy-in, empathy, rigor, authenticity, and discipline.

Professional Development Built to Support Your School's Unique Learning Objectives


Gibbs Smith Education's Professional Development centers on our Community Stewardship Framework, a transformative teaching method that underscores community ties and service. This approach believes that purposeful, authentic learning is more impactful. We aim to instill stewardship in students, equipping them to enrich their communities. Our programs enable educators to incorporate community learning, service projects, and civic involvement in their lessons. Our goal: foster societal responsibility and empathy in students, producing academically adept individuals committed to positive change.


GSE provides on-site professional learning and support tailored to enhance your school's progress. Based on an initial diagnostic session, our skilled GSE team uses their expertise to promote your school's growth. Whether you need a single service or ongoing support through our annual agreement, we're committed to driving meaningful advancement for your school.

Remote Office Hours

Our remote office hours offer real-time feedback and support for schools or classrooms. Whether facing specific issues or needing guidance, our team is available.

CulturED: Pathways to Meaningful School Change

This workshop equips school leaders and teachers to cultivate inclusive school cultures and classroom communities that foster respectful behavior, encourage engagement, and augment student success. Grounded in GSE’s Community Stewardship Framework, it employs a three-tiered approach to community organization planning. By embracing this framework, educators empower students to excel academically, instilling in them the values and skills required to make meaningful contributions and drive.

Social Studies, Civic Engagement, and Democracy: Why Social Studies Matters

This workshop highlights the significance of social studies education in contemporary schools. Participants will grasp the vital role social studies plays in cultivating stewardship, civic engagement, and democracy. It offers practical strategies and best practices for teaching social studies, fostering student inspiration and empowerment as active and engaged citizens. Through hands-on activities, guided discussions, and collaborative opportunities, participants will enhance their understanding of creating meaningful

Hot Button: Teaching Sensitive Topics

This workshop assists teachers in effectively addressing sensitive topics in the classroom by navigating complexities and promoting developmentally appropriate and culturally-sensitive pedagogy. It covers strategies to address polarized thinking, foster constructive conversations, and teach topics like racism, slavery, and migration. Participants will gain tools, resources, and hands-on learning experiences to deepen their understanding and enhance practical application of these techniques within a collaborative atmosphere.

Planning for Authentic Instruction

This workshop explores authentic instruction and offers practical strategies for integrating it into classroom practices. Participants will comprehend the concept of authentic instruction and its distinction from traditional teaching methods. Through interactive activities and discussions, attendees will acquire the skills to design lessons rooted in real-world applications, facilitating meaningful connections for students. The workshop also delves into the positive impact of authentic instruction on student engagement and achievement, emphasizing its potential to enrich the learning experience and foster student success.

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