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Step One: How To Use Our Programs

All of our resources feature ELA support and fluency development, differentiation for all levels of learners, and a variety of assessment options for a data-driven classroom. Every program we develop is designed for student success and teacher support.

Step Two: State History

At the heart of GSE's product line are our award-winning state history programs. Each program is thoughtfully curated with unique content specific to each state's story and reviewed by experts in and of that state. Each state history text is the anchor of the rest of your social studies resources.

State History

Step Three: US & World History

Our elementary, US, world history, and geography programs build on content and skills learned in previous grades while preparing students for the next step of their learning, ultimately ensuring they are college and career ready as well as engaged, civically-minded citizens.

World History

World History

US History

US History

Step Four: Diversity Studies

And finally, we are proud to introduce our new line of diversity studies programs: Movement, Voices, and The Issue. Movement is a thematic exploration of African and Black American studies. It showcases the trials and triumphs of Black culture through an unflinching narrative. Voices, is an ethnic studies survey showcasing the stories of Indigenous Peoples, Latin Americans, Black Americans, and Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans. Voices explores the various movements and cultures which have contributed to the United States over time and today. For teachers who want to supplement their classrooms with diverse, thematic resources we offer The Issue. A brand-new, ELA/social studies curricular designed to engage students in the history and current events that are relevant to them.


The Issue