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World History

Exploring World History

Expertly written world history and geography textbooks that take students on an educational journey beyond borders, unraveling the interconnected narratives of civilizations throughout time.
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Beyond Borders: World Civilization to 1500 CE

Beyond Borders: World Civilization to 1500 CE offers readers a captivating journey around the world, transporting them from the beginnings of humanity and ancient civilizations all the way to the exciting Age of Exploration. Filled with vibrant maps, informative charts, captivating photos, and stunning illustrations, this World History resource allows students to truly immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of world history from a multitude of perspectives.

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Beyond Borders: World Civilization from 1500 CE to Present

Beyond Borders: World Civilization from 1500 CE to Present takes readers on a fascinating journey through the entire spectrum of human history, spanning the Age of Exploration to the Space Age. With its abundance of color maps, charts, photos, and illustrations, this essential resource encourages students to explore world history from various viewpoints and a diverse range of sources.

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New World History & Geography books coming soon!

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World History and Geography Textbooks

Discover the world's captivating history through our user-friendly world history and geography textbooks. Meticulously researched and beautifully illustrated with maps, charts, and captivating visuals, the Beyond Borders series of textbooks offers an immersive and engaging learning experience for all students.

  • Authentic narratives
  • Compelling sources
  • Diverse perspectives

Engaging and Accessible World History Curriculum

The Beyond Borders textbooks present world history in a compelling and accessible manner, ensuring all students remain engaged throughout their learning journey. GSE's curriculum provides opportunities for differentiation to meet the needs of diverse learners and support various learning modalities.

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Authentic Narratives and Compelling Sources

Through diverse perspectives and an array of compelling primary sources, students discover the rich tapestry of experiences, cultures, and historic events that have shaped our shared global narrative.

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