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Who our programs are for

Our programs are for

Teachers who are entering the field for the first time, who have been here for decades, and all of those in between. Our resources support creativity and autonomy while understanding and appreciating the need for structure, scaffolding, and data driven assessment. Gibbs Smith Education strives to 'lighten the load' that teachers carry, by giving them relevant, accurate, and robust social studies tools and resources. Our goal is to support teachers in implementing inclusive, differentiated, multimodal, and cross-curricular learning into their classrooms in an efficient and effective way. Whether you are teaching remotely, in a charter school, a large urban center, or home-school, our resources can be customized to fit the needs of you and your students.

"Our programs are for those who seek accurate and appropriate grade-level social studies resources that include diverse perspectives, authentic primary sources, and in-depth teacher support."

Liz W
Liz w. | Editorial Director

Our programs are for

Students who face the challenges of the present, who study the lessons of our shared history, and who are the voices of our future. Our resources support students in becoming critical thinking, civically minded, engaged global citizens. We aim to curate the highest quality inquiry-based programs that will guide students toward analyzing research, drawing conclusions, and forming their own opinions through the multihued lenses of history, economics, government, geography, and culture. Whether your students are in third grade or preparing to graduate from high school, our resources will ensure they are prepared with the skills and knowledge they need to take the next step.


Our programs are for you!

Don't hesitate to schedule a time to chat about our resources and all of their features. We can talk through your needs, budget, and how we can best benefit you and your district.