Who or what is Gibbs Smith Education?

So glad you asked! Check out the About Us section of the website for more info, or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook!

Do you publish state history programs for every state?

No, not every one! We have state history programs for 32 states currently. We’d love to get all 50 eventually!

Why not? How do you decide to produce and publish a state history program?

We consider a number of factors when deciding to publish a state history program. If the state board of education is revising its set of social studies standards that touch on state history (typically grades 3–8), we’re interested. Our unique customized approach means that we take our time to produce quality programs, so we also balance our ability to put out our best work with the state’s demand for a program, timeline, and market size.

Don’t see a program for your state?

Let us know where you’re from! We are continuously planning which states to tackle next, and your needs are an important part of that equation. Fill out this from here to get in touch.

Which programs are coming out next?

We’re constantly working on either new programs or new editions of previously published ones. Check out our News and Events section for information on what’s coming!

Do you only publish in state history?

Although we mainly publish state history programs, we also publish ancient world history programs for middle school in North Carolina and Florida. As always, though, our history programs are tailored for a specific state’s standards on the topic. But yes, the majority of our programs are in the history of particular states.

Why only stick to that subject?

We believe not only in the power of local history to illuminate untold stories and elicit pride in belonging to one’s home state, but in the quality of a history program that comes out of the disciplined focus of a particular historical lens. In addition, focusing only on state history programs allows us to remain successful as a small independent book publisher.

Who do I contact to receive more information about programs in my state?

The sales representative for your stat will be more than happy to give you all the details about our available programs. Use the Find Your Sales Rep page to contact your sales representative.

I’m interested in contributing to your programs. Are you hiring?

We are almost always looking for talented freelance historians and curriculum writers. Go to the Careers page to apply to contribute to our programs, and also check to see if we have any permanent positions available.